Information Technology Qualification

A qualification in IT highlights to employers that candidates and employees are both competent and confident with business standard software. With an IT qualification candidates can prove that they will be able to thrive in a modern workplace and perform a range of basic and intermediate tasks on software that is used across the Western world.

Users that wish to boost their knowledge of IT systems and basic computing features must complete an official Information Technology Qualification (ITQ) exam, which underlines proficiency in IT. There are a variety of terms that are used under the umbrella term of ITQ, for example the ECDL and ICDL (European/International Computer Driving License) are both versions of the ITQ that are recognised training programs for end users.

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The ITQ framework allows candidates to efficiently use a computer in both a professional and personal capacity and will allow learners to assume an active role in today’s computer focussed society. In today’s world, computer skills are increasingly important to people in all walks of life. The ITQ / ECDL / ICDL are IT course for people from all walks of life. The ITQ is designed for users that wish to (or are required to) have a high level of skill with computers and common software. This course is suitable for people from every work discipline, for people entering the job market, and for all ages.

ITQ qualifications may also be utilised in schools, as the course is equivalent to a GCSE. The ITQ follows the national curriculum requirements and frameworks to offer successful candidates a recognised GCSE grade. The ITQ Level 1 exam is equivalent to a GCSE G – D grade, whereas the more advanced ITQ Level 2 is equivalent to a GCSE C to A* grade.

As a recognised training provider Robust IT can provide courses and official exams for the ITQ qualifications, offering training in both a flexible online format and a traditional classroom environment. With a team of expert tutors supporting interactive and intuitive online training resources users can progress and pass their official ITQ exams at a pace that suits their needs.

Subject Area

Our ITQ training program follows the official ITQ syllabus directly, preparing you for the final exam efficiently and effectively. The ITQ has a variety of main subject areas, including:

Please also note that we have exam centres in many areas around the county and we can sit the ITQ exams included in our fees for the official qualification. This can be used for home schooling as well as Universities, the work place and NHS as well.

Advanced Microsoft Office Skills

If you would like to progress further than the ITQ and take your skills to an advanced level we offer Microsoft Office Specialist training at various levels of technicality, these advanced Office training programs cover topics such as:

  • VBA
  • Macros
  • Linking Office Packages Together
  • Typing and Office based jobs which uses the MS Office suite
  • Advanced Formulas and Database Structures
  • Advanced Conditional Formatting

Free Brochure, Syllabus & Costing

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